Do you want to start your life from zero and rebuild it? Do you want a new life, more energy, greater body and sharper

mindset? Do you want to live your best? Well, then this project is definitely for you!

What is Fit By L.I.S.?


Fit By L.I.S. is healthy lifestyle project. I teach people to live high quality lifestyle. 

What does it mean?
 Generally speaking – it is about eating smart, training smart, looking good and feeling energized and productive. 
For creating best results possible I have made my own training methodology which I call  Mixed training.
This training methodology is all about variety, fun, improving your physical abilities such as strength, endurance,
flexibility and speed.

One of the most interesting parts of Mixed training is games. You will play card games, jumping games and other types of games - this type of training is much funnier and cooler than
boring bodybuilding type of sessions! Believe me or not but these games are really effective for fat loss and muscle
 You will also follow my nutritional strategy and my overall healthy lifestyle tips and hacks such
as sleep improvement, liquid intakes and other important things.

 Project involves:

- Daily home or gym workouts(equipment by choice)

-Nutrition plan, tips and strategy

-Daily suggestions for improving energy and happiness levels

-Suggestions and tips for better sleep

            Benefits of My Project:

  • Approach to new, healthy lifestyle
  • increased overall energy
  • increased muscle mass
  •  decreased fat percentage(if it is too high)
  •  improved heart health and sleep quality
  •  improved physical abilities